This page introduces the artists we support through that website. The main one is Danstan.


My name is Danstan Simon Kileo and I was born in a small rural place in Morogoro region called Ifakara in Tanzania in 1991.

When I was in secondary school, times were challenging so I had to sell my art in the streets as a means to generate money. Despite those challenges, God has been with me through ups and downs, quiting and starting again. By His grace, I somehow managed to persevere and later joined a college to study electronics and telecommunications engineering.

I’ve met many people in the streets who have contributed in one way or another while selling my art in the streets in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania. In this way, art has transformed my life through the great people I’ve met.

I wish I could mention your names here, nevertheless God knows who you are and I pray He blesses you abundantly.


I’m Yussuof Mjahidina, and I was born in Moshi (Kilimanjaro – Tanzania) in 1994.
I enjoy painting. My dream is to visit New York and Paris one day, it would be great if I manage to make this dream come true.


My name is Vincent Mkuti and I’m 26 years old. I live in Marangu village, whis is near Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I perform wood carvings, representing famous safari animals such as rhinos, hippopotamus or elephants.